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Driver Coach

Here at Joe Ryan Race Cars driver coaching is an extremely important part of following your racing career. Driver coaching consist of a lot of one on one time teaching you the ins and outs of the race cars and tracks. Joe Ryan will teach the driver the terminology needed to know for driver feedback and will later on be needed. Driver coaching consist of showing the correct line to run on the track. He will give you cortices on what to change and or do differently on the track.

Depending on what the driver needs he will take the extra time to show the driver how to be more successful every time you hit the track. When racing for JRRC he can take you testing to show how the car will feel and to show you different techniques you can use during a race. He will push you to try new stuff and learn more every singe day. These techniques that you will learn when driving a legend car will be skill that you will take with you to your next step of your career. Driver coaching will take you far in your racing career teaching you a lot you will need to know for your future. 

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