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Phone/Track Support

Phone/Track support first consist of a initial car set up either in shop, over the phone, or online and optional rebuild. The rebuild will have all custom JRRC parts and set up. You are charged a set price rather than by the hour since the car will not stay in the JRRC shop. Phone/Track support is great for those people that race in other states or is running a small series. JRRC will be available anytime for any set up or maintenance questions. While at the track you can call if there are any questions on what to change on the car or help with driving cortices.

Price Break Down:

- Initial set up fee

- 6 Month 

- 12 Month 


All race days prices include:

- Set up adjustments over the phone

- Driver Coaching over the phone 

- Any set up help or maintenance questions over the phone 

For Pricing Please Contact Us: 215-397-6025

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